Frequently Asked Questions

Why go to a seminary?

This is a fundamental question, which requires a very good response.

You may think this is a question that only you can answer. However, since you came to us, we do not take lightly the importance of knowing exactly why you are looking to attend a seminary. First, studying at a seminary is not just for current or future pastors, teachers, and missionaries, but for anyone looking to prepare for all levels of effective ministry. You are preparing to minister to the many and few. Your call can not only be related to becoming a full-time minister in a church or ministry but can be a local call to help those around you, even in your relationships. You go to the seminary to prepare and be a better Christian.

Is the Christian Union Theological Seminary, Inc. Accredited?

The Christian Union Theological Seminary Inc. is a nonprofit religious corporation chartered by the State of Massachusetts and is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission International. (TACI). Our decision to choose TACI is to provide the institutional responsibility of our seminary.

The Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI). is a non-profit, federally recognized educational professional organization whose philosophy is to demonstrate accountability for consumer public education obtained in non-traditional evangelical educational institutions. This responsibility is demonstrated by institutions that are accredited by TACI, having documented proof of compliance with TACI rules, and government structure, material resources, policies, faculties, and curriculum.

TACI states: “Because the opinions of the majority of our schools, on the separation of church and state, (Mark 12:17; James 4: 4; II Corinthians 6:14) we have never applied the Department of Education of the United States to any affiliation with the government, we are an independent accrediting agency. We specialize in seminaries and Bible colleges; specialized schools that do not fit the programs of other accrediting agencies. For more information, you can visit the website of the International Association of Educational Responsibility Christians located at:

When I can start working on my degree program?

Possibly today! Please fill out the free academic evaluation and click send. We will reply by e-mail or call you within 24 hours. Or, you can call 1- (800) 503-6027 after completing and submitting the evaluation. The link to the assessment is found on the “page assessment” on the website. You can pay your tuition deposit on the tuition page. If you are not admitted to the program your money will be refunded.

How long does it take to complete a degree?

This depends entirely on you. The program is done at your own pace. It is based solely on the student’s dedication to their studies, the number of credits transferred from previous schools, credits and life experience gained (for undergraduate programs), and required courses left to complete. It is estimated that the degrees are normally completed within 2-4 years, but in some cases, programs have been completed in less than 1 year.

Will I be allowed to graduate faster taking the accelerated seminary?

Yes. A class in the accelerated seminary takes the place of a course (a book). However, there are a limited number of seminary classes that are allowed by the degree program.

What kind of students attend CUTS?

As an online seminary, we have students applying from different states of the country, as well as different countries. Students register for associates, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorates. We have students from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Who benefits from the program of study?

Those who want to receive a Bible education and be more effective in serving God.

Those who have had some training and want to continue, but cannot leave their field of employment, or ministry to return to school.

Those who have graduated from other schools and want additional degrees can benefit from the program Theological Seminary.

Am I too old or too young?

We have students applying from ages 18-85 to take classes at CUTS.

Do I have to attend the graduation?

No. CUTS can send you your grade via UPS.

When do I get my degree, once I have completed my program?

Titles are granted and usually ship within 30 days after all the course requirements have been met and the total balance of the course has been paid. Both of these requirements must be met to receive your degrees. If you are enrolled in a single or a combination degree program, the financial requirements must be met before shipping any grade.

How will I receive my titles?

Students who have passed both the academic and financial requirements of their programs receive their titles through first-class mail. The student will be contacted to confirm the postal address.

Do you accept students from other schools at CUTS?

Yes, many of our students have graduated from different colleges and seminaries; and many others come from schools across the country. They come to CUTSI because of our commitment to excellence and our commitment to Christ. Through CUTS students can experience the kind of flexibility, accessibility, and innovation not found in any other seminary.

What distance learning courses are offered online?

All courses and programs on our website (We are currently designing our online catalog -online) can be taken through the distance learning study program unless otherwise indicated.

Does CUTS have real teachers?

In our physical location in Holyoke, MA, CUTS has only the best teachers. They have all demonstrated their commitment to Christ in their lifestyles and stable ministries as a whole. All have achieved academic excellence and are well qualified to teach, and many of them have been certified by the Evangelical Training Association (ETA), and are members of The Association for Hispanic Theological Education. (AETH)

Does the Seminary allow monthly payments?

Yes, our payment plan makes it possible for anyone to complete the degree of your dreams. Please call or email us with any questions. We are here to help you in your education with the Seminary or Bible College. The Seminary allows all students to pay their tuition in full upon registration and offers a 12% discount to those who enroll and pay in full. However, if the student has to pay for monthly installments, they can pay the advance specified amount at the time of registration and the balance in 10 equal monthly payments. Additional fees include textbooks, shipping and handling, and a mandatory graduation fee.

Does CUTS offer classes in classrooms?

Yes, the Theological Seminary offers classroom studies carried out in the evenings, allowing students the opportunity to have jobs during the day and at the same time to get a Bible education. Selected extensions offer some classes in the morning. There are currently six existing extensions.

Will CUTS accept credits from other universities and seminaries?

Yes, the Theological Seminary accepts credits for evaluation on an individual basis.

Can I earn a title at CUTSI using only the experience of life?

No. credits will be taken into consideration in ministerial experience for people who qualify. To apply for ministerial experience, send an email to the CUTS office at: or call (413) 883-4893 and request these forms. If approved, the credits only apply to the Bachelor. CUTS degrees are ONLY obtained by the required coursework and a passing grade from this seminary to receive a degree. There is no credit for ministerial life experience for our postgraduate programs (only compatible with educational background).

When can I register?

If the applicant wishes to study our distance learning program, he or she may enroll at any time of the year, regardless of the program. If the student wishes to attend our classes in the area, please see the school calendar for the designated dates. If the student wishes to take courses through CUTS online, courses are offered in 16-week semesters and are also recorded in the school calendar for the designated dates.

Recently I have felt called to the ministry. Can anyone at CUTS help me determine what to do next?

Absolutely! The CUTS is a Christ-centered school. We understand that God calls ministers from all walks of life, and at different times in life. If God has called you, we are here to help you prepare.

Can I get an ordination or Minister license to work in the field in which I earned my degree from CUTS?

Credentials and ordinations are provided for those ministers who want to operate a ministry under the auspices of the Council Union of Pentecostal Christian Churches of Jesus Christ Inc., CUPCCJC will always have the right to terminate the membership for management irregularities, and at the discretion of the General Overseer and the Credentials Committee.

Licenses are not provided by CUTS; and they must be treated and investigated individually, based on the state or country of residence. You must follow the laws established by the region in this regard.

Please note that the purpose of education at this seminary is, to prepare students for the ministry ministerial-related field; and not necessarily for a job in the secular world. Although, it should be noted that the degrees they obtain at CUTSI are legal, and can be placed in your resume as the level of educational attainment. Titles like Doctor in Theology are also legally recognized as a great achievement in a specific field of Religious Studies.


Is there an extra charge above the tuition charge to take classes online at CUTS?

Yes. $ 20.00 per course is mandatory for all students online.

How many classes can I take through CUTS Online?

You can take up to four classes each semester; however, a limit of two courses is placed on first-time students.

How many weeks are in each semester?

There are 16 weeks in each semester in CUTS online.

Can I complete a degree in school CUTS Online?

Yes, we currently offer classes that apply to all grades at CUTS online.