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Honorary Degree

Nomination Process for Honorary Doctorate of Divinity

At Christian Union Theological Seminary (STUC), we greatly value the input of people engaged in ministries. We are always open to consider their suggestions and potential candidates worthy of our esteemed Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. It’s not just a degree; it’s a tribute to those individuals who, through their immense contribution, have greatly impacted the Christian community and beyond. Please bear in mind, each nomination will go through a comprehensive assessment by our dedicated Board of Trustees at STUC, based on certain criteria and the information presented about the nominees.

The Honorary Doctorate, also known as Honoris Causa Doctorate (Latin term meaning ‘for the sake of honor’), is a beacon of respect that we confer upon pastors, evangelists, ministers, or any distinguished Christian leaders or public servants whose significant contributions to their field or the growth of God’s Kingdom have earned them this honor.

Understanding the Honoris Causa Doctorate

What sets an Honoris Causa Doctorate apart from an academic degree is the exemption of typical prerequisites like enrolment, residency, coursework, and exams. More often, this kind of honorary degree takes the form of a doctorate, given even to those who have no prior affiliation with the awarding institution.

Should you be wondering, our Honoris Causa Doctorate is a donor-based award. This means it’s awarded exclusively for groundbreaking achievements and contributions made in their unique domains. Just to clarify a common misconception, STUC does not “sell” its Honorary Degrees. However, a suggested donation comes into play. If you’re seeking to receive this title at zero cost, we kindly ask that you abstain from contacting us.

Procedure to Recommend a Candidate

In case you have a commendable candidate in mind, we’re always all ears. Simply fill out the designated form, but do remember to ensure that you or the nominee meet the necessary qualifications for this honor before making your generous gift. And please understand that all contributions are non-refundable.

In an unfortunate event where it’s discovered that a recipient does not reflect STUC’s purpose and mission or if serious integrity concerns come to light, we hold the right to withdraw the honorary degree.

Tax Implications

And a quick note about taxes – as Christian Union Theological Seminary is a registered non-profit organization, rest assured knowing that all your donations are tax-deductible. This unique honor serves to acknowledge spectacular contributions to the Christian ministry, and our commitment remains steadfast in upholding the integrity of this merit.

To view the qualifications and criteria for the Honoris Causa Doctorate you can click below to download the file.